Jon and Alex + Engaged!

It was an amazing time at Jon and Alex's engagement session! Partly because it's finally spring and the sun was out, and partly because this couple is awesome! I am so excited for their wedding in October! 

Anthony and Danielle + Married! 3.5.16

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to kick off the year! Anthony and Danielle were married in a beautiful ceremony in West Point, NE surrounded by their many family and friends. The day was beautiful, the details were colorful and fun was had by all! I'm so excited for this genuinely kind and beautiful couple as they begin their lives as husband and wife. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Yarger!

Family of Five

This family was such a pleasure to photograph! With three little ones, their session was full of giggles and hugs, which made for some of my favorite pictures ever! I hope you enjoy this sample from their session. 

Brice and Hannah + Engaged!

I got to spend some time with Brice and Hannah a couple weekends ago on one of the first beautiful days of spring! Watching them together was so fun, and so refreshing. True love is fun to watch! Here are my favorites from their engagement session! 

Justin and Kelsee + Married! 10.3.15

This day was amazing. Everything about it. I loved the dress. I loved the details. I loved watching this little family celebrate such a huge day for them. I especially loved the fun that was had by everyone! Justin and Kelsee are blessed with such a great group of friends and family, and it really made their day one I'll never forget!

Bryan and Sara + Married! 9.19.15

Bryan and Sara had a wonderful wedding day! The ceremony and reception were at Anthony's Steakhouse, which is such a beautiful and unique location, just perfect for the day. Sara was stunning, Bryan was a man in love, and the rest is history. Check out their day in photos! 

Aaron and Kaylin + Married! 8.29.15

Aaron and Kaylin got married at the beautiful Bella Terre Vineyard on an amazing day in August. The entire day was full of so much emotion and so much beauty! I loved being around these two on one of the greatest days in their lives together. Their love for each other, and their love for God was so obvious throughout all of the festivities. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Boni! I know you will have a long life full of love!

Rawley and Kirstin + Married! 8.22.15

This day was not boring, to say the least. It was so unique, so wonderful and so full of love! Kirstin and Rawley got married in Otter Tail, Minnesota at a place that's been in Rawley's family for years. The day was rainy (as you'll see in the pictures), but that didn't bring down the mood. If anything, it made the day even more unique! They were quickly married during torrential downpour, did bridal portraits in the cold and wind, danced their first dance while a live band at the restaurant sang to them and had a smile on their faces the whole day. I'm so happy for these guys and am so blessed I was asked to be there on this amazing day. Check out this sample of their day!